Three - For - Me

ThreeForMe laser treatment targets the most common issues; wrinkles, sun damage, facial veins and age spots. This treatment is performed in two passes. The first pass targets the sun damage, age spots and facial veins. The second pass targets the fine lines and wrinkles and any hidden scars.

ThreeForMe will help you achieve tighter, softer, smoother looking skin. This technology helps restore elastin and collagen components of the skin. 

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How will it feel?

Most clients feel minimal discomfort. Post treatment you may experience some swelling and redness but this usually subsides within 24hrs. 

When will I see results?

You will see continual progress throughout your whole treatment series. You will first notice the pigment of sunspots and age spots get darker and then flake off. Then you will notice the fine lines and wrinkles start to fade and diminish. The overall result will be improved by six months post treatment as your skin naturally heals.